Steptember is back!

Our fall classic is a month of walking fun. Our calendar is live and you can start posting you walks here.

What is Steptember?

Steptember was created to help people find new places to walk and people to enjoy walking with. It’s a great opportunity to explore new neighborhoods, connect with friends, highlight a cause, or just go for a walk while the weather is still nice.

*Please consider “walking” as shorthand for walking/rolling. While everyone is a pedestrian, not everyone walks

How do I get involved?

Lead a walk (in-person or virtually)

  • Post a walk on our calendar and lead a walk in person

Picture of walk calendar

  • Let us map your route for you. Not all walks have to be in person, as a way to provide everyone an opportunity to walk and feel safe we can map your route and people can walk your route anytime. Email us to learn more

Example of map route


Join a walk

  • Check out the calendar to see what walks are available and join a walk or two!

People Walking in Montavilla

How do I lead a walk?

Leading a walk is fun and easy. All you have to do is plan a route, decide on a theme or topic, add it to the calendar, and spread the word to your friends!

Pick your story

What is your walk going to be about?

Plan a walk that tours places of historical interest, and share some background at each stop.

Lead a tour to your favorite restaurant or bar. Great chance to support a local business.

Lead a walk through a park to take us on a hike and help others explore some hidden gems.

Plan a route

Make a map of the route for yourself and pre-walk it. Because not every pedestrian walks, kindly make your walk/event as accessible as possible.

Tip: A good starting location is accessible by multiple modes of transportation – TriMet, bike, walking, car

Tip: Have some stopping points. It’s great to take a break if it’s a long walk also gives everyone a chance to share info and chat.

Spread the word

After you have added your walk to the calendar, go ahead and promote it. Invite your friends, neighbors, family, everyone. Share on social media.

Need some ideas?

  • Parks, green spaces, and the great outdoors: The Portland metro region has a wide variety of parks and places to hike or walk. Help others explore your favorite green.
  • Drinking and eating: From a coffee crawl to a sushi stroll, food-filled walks can add deliciousness to walking fun.
  • Hidden gems: Know a place off the beaten track? Perhaps you know the best public staircase in Portland or a cool sculpture in Forest Grove.
  • Local history: Do you know the history of your neighborhood or want an excuse to learn more? Plan a walk that tours places of historical interest, and give a little talk at each stop. 
  • Hobby: What do you love to do? Teach people to geocache, organize a poetry walk, or lead a photo/walk excursion.
  • Activism: Lead a walkability audit or a crosswalk action. Host a tour of recent successes and walking needs. Describe the goals or needs of your community to others, and invite them to join your efforts.

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