What is NeighborWalks?

NeighborWalks is a collaborative community walking program brought to you by AARP Oregon, City of Portland Bureau of Transportation and Oregon Walks. Our vision is to get more people walking every day for health, transportation, environment, and community. Walks take place in neighborhoods in and around Portland. Each walk is developed and led by AARP volunteer leaders with support from community partners. Walks are designed to be intergenerational and celebrate community for all ages and abilities!

Thanks to a new partnership with the Portland Community College, we are excited to make routes from past walks available to you through this new map tool. To learn more about a particular walk, zoom in for a closer look at the route and read about points of interest.

The routes currently are available here are from the 2019 season. Be sure to check back as more routes from past seasons will be added here in the near future.

In addition, check out the 2020 NeighborWalks season.

NeighborWalks are designed with your safety, comfort and accessibility in mind. However, please note that the conditions on the ground may have changed from when each walk was originally developed. Also, walks do include crossing busy streets, and encountering traffic, lack of sidewalks or sidewalk disrepair, and potentially law enforcement—and all of the other challenges that Oregon Walks works to solve. If you are at all unsure about feeling welcome, or may need extra accommodation, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Be Active. Stay Active. Let’s put some miles on those walking shoes. 

How to Use the Map

The Walks

Download maps here


Willamette Park to Sellwood Bridge
The Sellwood and Westmoreland Park
Coming Up Roseway
Old & New At Orenco Station
Historical Oregon City
Who Knew It Was Luuwit
MAX Green Line and Green Lents
Downtown Gresham Awaits You!
Gateway 4 Parks and a Push
Let's Go FoPo
Downtown Portland
Cully: Parks, Community and Walking
Concordia for all Generations
Alberta Arts District
Among the Giants & St Johns' Prairie