2020 OregonWalkstar Award Winner: Oregon Justice Resource Center

It is Oregon Walks’ honor to award Oregon Justice Resource Center (OJRC) as a 2020 Oregon WalkStar Awardee. OJRC has been at the forefront for the fight for justice in the state of Oregon. Most recently, state violence was directed at peaceful protesters marching in the street against police brutality. The OJRC lawyers were successful in getting an emergency injunction significantly limiting the Portland Police Bureau’s ability to indiscriminately gas its residents. Equally as important, their public relations approach helped elevate this issue and allow others to see the unconscionability of the city’s actions. OJRC’s efforts are deserving of recognition by Oregon Walks because they highlight the intersectionality of fighting for racial justice. The movement for racial justice doesn’t have a formal leader, it operates in webs, and builds power through community. We at Oregon Walks recognize that transportation justice is racial justice. We salute those who literally put their lives on the line for justice. And we appreciate those working in the background filing lawsuits, supporting marchers, and donating time, resources, and talent in the sustained fight against racial injustice.


Join us in celebrating Don’t Shoot Portland at the Oregon Walkstar Awards on Friday, September 18th
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