2020 OregonWalkstar Award Winner: Don’t Shoot Portland

We are honored to announce  Don’t Shoot Portland is a 2020 Oregon Walkstar Award winner. Thank you, Don’t Shoot PDX, for inspiring us all to take to the streets and walk for justice. 

Don’t Shoot Portland has been leading the march for police accountability and Black Lives Matter since 2014. Don’t Shoot Portland doesn’t just march for justice. Their work includes creating art, coordinating mutual aid projects, hosting know your rights trainings, and so much more.

Most recently, Don’t Shoot Portland is protecting Oregonian’s right to walk safely, by filing a federal lawsuit against the department of homeland security for violating free speech, using excessive force, overstepping their authority and acting under the command of someone who hasn’t been formally confirmed in his role.

Join us in celebrating Don’t Shoot Portland at the Oregon Walkstar Awards on Friday, September 18th

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