Walk anywhere, everywhere, for any reason, or for no reason at all. This is Walktober: walking fun October 6th through Halloween (the greatest walking holiday of the year).

Oregon Walks conceived Walktober to promote walking as a fun, healthy, ubiquitous activity in the Portland metro region. This is an open calendar, which means that anyone can create, post, and lead a walk. Walks are put on by people like you!

Oregon Walks developed Walktober as the “Pedalpalooza for walking.” Thanks to Shift for creating such a great idea and for sharing the code for the open calendar. Thanks also to Velopalooza organizers in Vancouver, BC for refining and helping trouble-shoot the calendar.

Walking in the Portland Region
Everyone is a pedestrian at some point in the day, whether it is by walking, rolling, or strolling. People walk for a thousand reasons: to get to the bus or MAX, to get to the store, to walk the dog, to commute to work, to spend time with friends, to unwind after a long day, to explore a neighborhood, to get to school, and many more reasons.

Walking groups meet throughout the region. Here are just a few walking groups we have found.

Walktober was created with the hope of helping people throughout the region find new ways to walk, and find places to walk and people to enjoy walking with.