The Weston Awards!

The Big Event

Oregon Walks' annual Weston Awards pay tribute to the feat and feet of walking. Join us for a special evening celebrating our shared work advocating for walkable communities as well as the shoe leather that passionate people just like you tread in the quest for a healthier, more livable future.

For twenty-two years, Oregon Walks has been instrumental in building communities where walking is a truly convenient, safe, and equitable choice for more people in more neighborhoods in Oregon. 



Who Is this Weston Character?

Oregon Walks' Weston Awards are named in honor of America's greatest walker, Edward P. Weston. In just 10 days in 1861, Weston walked from Boston to DC to attend Lincoln's Inaugural Ball. His journey took him to cities big and small, neighborhoods poor and rich, through a cross section of America, where he was welcomed at every turn.



About The Weston Awards!
The Weston Awards celebrate inspiration, enthusiasm, perseverance, and the conviction that one of the best ways to get anywhere is on foot. Join us in celebrating the Westons among us today: people from all walks of life who have made our communities more livable and more walkable.


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