Healthy Travel Options to School

Healthy Travel Options to School - Community Walks! Improving the PPS pedestrian network. 

Rosa Parks - Friday, March 10th Read all about the walk here! 


As part of The Healthy Travel Options to School Plan, we are partnering with Portland Public Schools and Safe Routes to School to lead 15 Community Walks to identify barriers to walking. We're focusing on addressing infrastructure equity gaps that directly impact the livelihood of historically underserved students and their families. This project aims to close infrastructure equity gaps, overcome cultural and physical barriers to walking or biking to school, reduce necessity for driving, and increase safety within the Portland Public Schools student active transportation network.

HTO2S includes these elements:

1.    Public Outreach  - Open Houses: SRTS staff will host these events, by high school cluster, to better understand the unique needs of each school community within the district.

2.    Public Outreach - Community Walks: Oregon Walks will lead community walks to get input directly from parents and school staff on the needs in their school community around safe and healthy transportation options. Sign up to volunteer at a walk now! 


3.    SafeRoutesPDX reporting app: A new app aimed at receiving input, and to help students and parents find their safest route. The application is offered in five languages, and is interactive so that parents and students can provide feedback directly on a range of barriers in their walking environment.

4.    Walk + Bike to School Challenge: A friendly competition aimed at encouraging more kids and families to walk and bike to and from school and throughout their neighborhoods. Incentives and support from SRTS and Oregon Walks are available. 

Check Out Recaps of Our Walks:





Rosa Parks                             

















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