Advocacy Toolkit

“Activism is my rent for living on this planet.”  - Alice Walker

Speak out in support of better walking conditions and livable communities.  Your voice is critical to maintaining funding, policies and laws that maintain and improve walkability.

Laws are only as effective as their enforcement, and plans are only as effective as their implementation. We need to monitor and participate in transportation-related decisions by holding our elected officials accountable. We can do this by educating, supporting and pressuring our state and local elected officials about policies that encourage transportation options for everyone.

Ten things you can do to support livable communities
How you can influence legislation
Calling an elected official
Meeting with an elected official
Writing a letter to an elected official
Testifying before a legislative committee
Attending a town meeting
Write a letter to the editor
Advocacy links and resources


A huge thanks to Tara Sulzen from 1000 Friends of Oregon for sharing her Advocacy Toolkit with us.

(Photo credit: BikePortland)