Ten Things You Can Do to Support Livable Communities

Here is a top ten of ways to promote change regionally.

1. Research positions of candidates on transportation. Do they support investing in policies that improve walking conditions, access to public transit and make our communities more accessible? Vote and inform others accordingly.

2. Sponsor a candidates' forum on transportation issues in your community.
3. Write letters to your legislators and elected officials to educate them about specific issues happening in your area and propose solutions.

4. Attend a Town Hall and speak up to tell your elected officials to support policies that protect our local farms, improve our transportation options and decrease our need to drive. Watch their votes and hold them accountable.

5. Testify at hearings. Elected officials need to hear from their constituents to hold them accountable. Attend hearings to testify in support of plans and projects that are cost-effective and help strengthen our existing communities.

6. Study the opposition. Learn which of their arguments resonate with the public. Discover and make the most of their weaknesses.

7. Educate yourself about how your city or region makes transportation decisions. Introduce yourself to city, county or regional planning staff so they know there is someone following their work. Learn about, monitor, testify on, and, if necessary, appeal decisions that you are concerned about.

8. Use this guide to make sure your voice is heard! Call or meet with your elected official, testify before a legislative committee, attend a town hall meeting, or write a letter to the editor.

9. Join the WPC. Become a member to support our work throughout the region. Ask to be added to enews listserve so that you’ll receive periodic updates on what’s happening and how you can help.

10. Attend WPC events and invite your friends along. Visit our events page for more information.