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June 16, 2015 – Oregon Walks and our partners are call for action in the City of Portland following a string of pedestrian fatalities in the Portland area. Two weeks after Mayor Charlie Hales called for Vision Zero in response to a fatality and serious injury to people on bicycles, two pedestrians have been killed while using our public streets.

On June 3rd, Thomas Gazzola was hit by a drunk driver who turned into him while he jogged in his neighborhood. And just this Sunday, George Carlson was hit while walking on the sidewalk on the Burnside Bridge. A driver of a car drove onto the sidewalk and killed him and injured Bridget Larrabee.

Following a month of terribly tragic traffic injuries and fatalities here in Portland, Blue Oregon just published our Board President's response to The Oregonian's recent op-ed on the deaths of three children who were killed while crossing the street in Springfield, OR this February.

We extend this sentiment to all the senseless deaths and in response to the unfathomable pain too many Oregon families are feeling right now: We must not accept this as inevitable. This has to change.

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    Last February, Oregon Walks launched a campaign for pedestrian safety in response to two horrific pedestrian fatalities in East Portland. We picked up over 800 citizen signatures and 25 organizations representing public health, active transportation, social justice, and local businesses to demand that city hall begin to take seriously the significant public health epidemic happening in the streets of our most disenfranchised communities. It was an unexpected move for an organization then operating without permanent staff – but we were bursting with energy from our volunteer base, new board members, all dedicated to keeping the organization moving and mission relevant.