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We are very excited to be honoring Dr. Kelly J. Clifton, a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering from Portland State University for her hard work in transportation, land use, and travel demand research. Dr. Clifton works diligently to make the connection between research and policy to help guide local and regional transportation and land use development to ensure our streets are accessible, safe, and vibrant for pedestrians.


By: Michael Cynkar, Oregon Walks Walktober Intern

During the month of “Walktober” I’ve had the opportunity to go on some pretty interesting walks, from a mid-day pub crawl featuring local microbrews made with native plants to a guided walk in downtown Portland with a city traffic engineer to a walk in a gorgeous nature preserve in the heart of Beaverton. Perhaps none have been so interesting as the “Coffee Walk”. This 2.5-mile trot through downtown Portland and the Pearl District offered just a taste of the “black gold” that Portland offers up, and was certainly a morning well spent.

By: Nancy Nordman, Oregon Walks Walktober Intern

Trash Mob took to the streets as a part of Walktober, a fun-filled month of getting outside and celebrating Portland’s walkability. On Friday morning, members from Go Lloyd and Solve met at Lloyd Center Mall and spent their lunch break walking a stretch of Multnomah Street with trash bags and grabbers. Everyone was in high spirits despite the impending rain and enjoyed sharing some of their oddest finds, including an abundance of cough medicine and overwhelming amount of cigarette butts.