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Reflecting on my greatest walking accomplishment this year

by Kecia Welt - Fundraising Campaign Manager


It is no secret… I love to walk! Almost every day you will find me walking around Portland, Oregon, with KEENs on my feet and a Fitbit to record my steps. I walk about 50 miles a week, usually two or more hours per day. I dream of one day leading a 100% car-free existence, but for now that is not my reality. I am grateful for the weekends, days or sometimes just hours when I am car-free. I love the feeling of setting out on foot -- sometimes for errands, sometimes with a specific destination, sometimes to catch-up with friends or have a date with my husband - I am happiest when I am out walking.


Many, many thanks to all who attended the 2015 Weston Awards this past Saturday, November 21st at the Eliot Center in downtown Portland. About 175 enthusiastic pedestrians, advocates, elected officials and supporters of Oregon Walks joined to celebrate the hard work and dedication that our Weston Award winners display every day - and support Oregon Walks at the same time.