Incredible individuals support Oregon Walks for many different reasons...

Jasmine Gordovez - Incoming Oregon Walks Board Member

"I support Oregon Walks because walking saved me when I was a new mom. Walking was essential in finding my routine as a first time mom with a newborn baby. I would go on walks with Grace to put her to sleep, go on walks to calm her down when she was inconsolable, and go on walks to take some time out for myself. During the first three months, Grace and I would go on a walk, rain or shine, as a way to get to know each other better and figure each other out. That newborn phase seems like ages ago but Grace and I still make walking a part of our day to day - we use it to get to the park, to the store, and to the but stop that takes us to the library. By walking, we are able to connect with each other and with our neighbors. 

After nearly four years with Oregon Walks, we say goodbye to our friend and colleague, Inna Levin. From early days as Volunteer & Events Coordinator, to helping guide our organization as Interim Executive Director, we all look back with pride and gratitude on the steps we’ve taken together. While Inna was with Oregon Walks, we’ve done so much…

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Oregon Walks is Protecting Your Right to Roam. Walk with us!

There are many reasons to love Oregon Walks.

Some folks love our nitty-gritty policy work around city planning and pedestrians. So they connect or support our Plans and Projects and advocacy work on the Getting There Together Coalition. Some folks love our commitment to building lasting partnerships that promotes walking (hey AARP Neighborhwalks!) Others love our open streets events, Walkways, that promote place-based community building and a literal taking back of the streets. Then there are people who are deeply concerned about transportation justice and the urgent need to create safer conditions for walking in neighborhoods where a large percentage of pedestrian-only and transit-dependent people live.  These supporters love our emerging transportation justice community building in the East Metro area. And many of us love ALL of the ways Oregon Walks works to protect our right to roam.

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