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We are:

  • A fun-loving group of people fighting to protect EVERY person’s right to walk or use a mobility device in Oregon.
  • Expanding our impact.
  • Committed to creating equitable outcomes.

Volunteer Opportunites

Check out our 2020 volunteer opportunities below! This page will be updated as volunteer roles are filled or become available. 

Volunteer Facilitator of Oregon Walks’ 2020 Volunteer Program

You are:

  • Outgoing
  • Organized
  • Flexible
  • Looking to get involved in a growing nonprofit committed to walking
  • Available to volunteer 5-10 hours per month--mostly from the comfort of your own home

Volunteer Duties Include:

  • Recruiting new volunteers
  • Screening new volunteers
  • Scheduling monthly new volunteer orientations
  • Scheduling volunteers for short-term or long term volunteer opportunities
  • Writing a quarterly volunteer update for the newsletter
  • Providing pictures and social media content for volunteer celebration/recruitment
  • Other awesome ideas you have!

Volunteer Walk Leaders

You are:

  • Friendly
  • Enjoy walking/using a mobility device and talking with people
  • Looking to get involved in a growing nonprofit committed to walking
  • Available to volunteer 5 hours per month as a walk leader/Oregon Walks ambassador

Volunteer Duties Include:

Being a point-person to lead walks for neighborhood associations, partner organizations, and interested neighborhood groups.

Volunteer Procurement Walkstars

You are:

  • Friendly
  • Organized, yet flexible
  • Enjoy asking people to help us build the walking movement.
  • Looking to get involved in a growing nonprofit committed to walking.
  • Available to volunteer 5 hours per month 

Volunteer Duties Include:

  • Procure donations, raffle items and sponsorships for annual gala
  • Procure donations for annual membership walking event
  • Procure special donations for projects on an as-needed basis
  • Working mostly from the comfort of your own home--unless you want to hang out with us at our offices at Hatch Innovation on NE 24th and Sandy:)

Join a committee

Plans and Projects

The Plans and Projects (PnP) Committee works to advance Oregon Walks’ mission “to promote walking and to make the conditions for walking safe, convenient and attractive for everyone.” PnP members represent Oregon Walks on planning and project advisory committees throughout the region. The committee is made up of volunteers from a variety of professional and education backgrounds. Committee members participate in transportation and land use planning, advocacy, mapping, communications, and pedestrian planning and policies.

The Plans and Projects Committee performs a number of roles including:

  • Advisory Committees: PnP members represent Oregon Walks on
    citizen and technical advisory committees for planning projects
    throughout the Portland metropolitan region. PnP members help to inform planning processes and advocate for pedestrian needs.
    Examples of recent and current community advisory committees with PnP representatives include: Division Transit Project, Beaverton Active Transportation Plan, and PedPDX.
  • Advocacy: PnP committee members advocate for pedestrian projects, policies and funding. The committee performs technical research, monitors the development of plans and policies, and submits written letters of support or opposition for projects and testifies at hearings in front of policymakers.
  • And more: The committee is hoping to participate in trainings, develop tools to help prioritize pedestrian projects, and connect with pedestrian organizations and municipalities throughout the metro region.


The Fundraising Committee works to support the funding to operate and grow Oregon Walks.

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