Partner Publications

Oregon Walks looks to its partners as well as its membership to understanding needs and opportunities for fostering thriving neighborhoods in our region. Below are links to a few seminal publications penned by our partners.

Pedestrian Legal Resources

Oregon Pedestrian Law - the complete guide to pedestrian injury claims. 2015. By: Rob Kline of Kline Law Offices PC

Oregon Pedestrian Rights - a legal guide for people on foot. 2008. By: Ray Thomas of Thomas, Coon, Newton & Frost

Upstream Public Health

Health Impact Assessment on Policies Reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled in Oregon Metropolitan Areas (May 2009)
This HIA examines health impacts of potential statewide VMT-reduction policies.  The HIA focuses on three main types of policies: 1) positive changes to the built environment; 2) strengthening public transit; 3) increasing costs for driving individual vehicles.

Health Impact Assessment on Transportation Policies in the Eugene Climate and Energy Action Plan (August 2010)
This HIA examines the health impacts of transportation objectives in Eugene's climate action plan. Because many environmental benefits of GHG reduction won't measurably benefit Eugene residents, understanding the health benefits added value to the community discussion.


Transportation for America

Dangerous by Design Report<
This report on pedestrian safety looks to jurisdictions for solving the epidemic of preventable pedestrian deaths (and making great neighborhoods).



Coalition for a Livable Future

The Regional Equity Atlas (2007)
Too often, some people get to enjoy the benefits of living in the Portland region, while other people get left behind.  The Regional Equity Atlas examines the geographic distribution of people and regional assets, in order to see who is most affected and how to address inequities.



Bicycle Transportation Alliance

Blueprint for Better Biking: 40 Ways to Get There (October 2005)
This report lists the 40 projects the group believes would most improve biking in the Portland Metro region.