Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Mini-Grants

Oregon Walks' Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Mini-Grants program can help Police and Sheriff agencies throughout Oregon improve pedestrian safety by educating community members on Oregon’s crosswalk laws through pedestrian safety enforcement actions.

Applications for the grant are due March 31, 2013. A training will be held in mid-April. It is open to all law enforcement officers whether or not they apply for the grant.

About Pedestrian Safety Enforcement operations

ODOT funds enable enforcement agencies throughout the state to stage crosswalk enforcement actions educating motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians on crosswalk laws.  In these operations, a decoy police officer attempts to cross a street at an intersection or marked crosswalk. (Crosswalk laws apply to unmarked crosswalks as well.)  If passing motorists fail to stop and yield for the pedestrian they are issued either a warning or a citation. The operations include a media outreach component, with the purpose of raising awareness around motorist, cyclist, and pedestrian responsibilities.

How to apply for a Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Mini Grant

2013 grant applications are due March 31, 2013.
2013 Application Guidelines
Sample Work Plan

Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Training Information

Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Training will be held in mid-April (date to be confirmed), at the Lane County Public Works building in Eugene. 2013 PSE Training Registration Form coming soon.

Learn more about current crosswalk law by downloading brochures produced by the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Text of the 2011 update to pedestrian safety and crosswalk laws: Senate Bill 424