GIS Jammers

The Oregon Walks GIS Jammers are a team of professors, students, advocates, and experts developing and using computer applications (Geographic Information Systems, mobile apps, GIS plugins, etc) which allow us to measure, map, and analyze our walking environment.  In short, we're using technology to solve problems faced by people walking (or rolling) every day and advocate for improvements.

Our Tools

  • A mobile app to inventory the presence and condition of curb ramps of critical importance to people in wheelchairs, strollers, etc.
  • Walkway Generator: software to convert a street centerline network into a pedestrian network.
  • Transportation network analysis tools that find shortest paths for people walking or in wheelchairs.
  • Before/after walkway infrastructure improvement benefit analysis visualization (example below).

Visualizing walkway network improvements as a three dimensional surface

Above: Adding a single crosswalk can dramatically improve the walking environment, as shown in this example 3D surface of improvement illustration (the highest points are places where the most people see the greatest improvement).

Our Services

  • Do you need your neighborhood walking environment improved and want assistance developing a map to show the problems and possible solutions? We can help.
  • Are you an advocate or city planner needing to do a pedestrian network analysis? Want to learn where to focus funds to create the biggest benefit for the greatest number of people?  Contact us.
  • Are you a GIS student looking for a project?  We've got lots of ideas and smart people who would love to talk with you.
  • Are you a GIS professional looking for ways to use your skills to improve the walking environment?  Join us.

Get Involved

Contact peter @ to find out what we're working on at the moment and how we can assist you or get you plugged in to the fun.

Our Open Source code is located here.

Mobile Application to Inventory Curb Ramps

For groups to note condition and quality of curb ramps that are located in a routeable pedestrian network. This network is a model of sidewalks, corners and crossings built from street centerline data.

Prototype Mobile Application

Pedestrian Level of Service

We're just getting started.  Check out our wiki page of factors that affect walking.

Presentations and Papers