Dear friends and supporters,

I'm writing today to share that I will be stepping away from my position as Executive Director of Oregon Walks at the end of February. 

When I began this role in 2014, I had very specific goals for the organization and for my leadership here. I strove to expand our partnerships to serve adiverse constituency of pedestrians, grow our volunteer program to be more robust and inclusive, and link our advocacy and programs to create a cohesive movement toward safer streets. It felt very ambitious.

Over the last four years, we have accomplished so much together! Some highlights of our work include:

Mayor Wheeler & Portland City Council,


Portland is experiencing a livability crisis in our streets. Today, the 20th person this year was killed while walking. This makes 2017 the deadliest year on record for pedestrians since 2003. Last week, Multnomah County published a new report showing that 80 people died last year while living outside on the streets of Portland. We believe these issues are interconnected and the approach to solving them must take into account numerous factors critical to Portlanders’ safety.


Finding solutions to these growing crises requires a coordinated effort and sustained leadership that recognizes the impacts that every policy and funding decision has on our most vulnerable residents. We have not yet seen the urgency from our City leadership necessary to end this growing epidemic.


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