Rain or shine Oregonians love to get out and walk. Last month, we walked over 60 miles with nearly 600 people to celebrate STEPtember. Steptember is a month of walking fun - a way to encourage people throughout the region to find new places to walk and people to enjoy walking with. Oregon Walks conceived Walktober (STEPtember's predecessor) in 2011 to promote walking as a fun, healthy, ubiquitous activity in the Portland metro region. This year, we decided to get a jump on all the walking fun.


September​ ​6th,​ ​2017

Portland​ ​City​ ​Council

Re:​ ​Testimony​ ​on​ ​Central​ ​City​ ​2035​ ​Plan

Mayor Wheeler & Commissioners,

Oregon Walks appreciates the opportunity to provide comments on Portland’s Central City 2035 Plan. We are the state’s pedestrian advocacy organization and we work to ensure that walking is safe, convenient and accessible for everyone.

We believe there are a lot of important and exciting elements to this plan, as well as some serious concerns that we ask you to address before adopting.

Vision Zero Work Zones Campaign