Oregon Walks 25th Anniversary Celebration & Membership Drive

Last Thursday, April 21, Oregon Walks hosted a packed house of members, treating them to ping-pong, ice cream, and fun – all in the name of member appreciation! As many of you know, this year marks the 25th anniversary of Oregon Walks and thus the event served as an opportunity to both celebrate and acknowledge the fundamental support members have offered throughout the years.


The event was made possible by one of Oregon Walks’ own board members, Steve Bozzone, being the lucky winner of the Willamette Week’s 2015 Give Guide prize of a Salt n Straw ice cream party at Pips and Bounce, Portland’s newest “ping-pong paradise.” The space could not have been more appropriate. Oozing energy and enthusiasm, the quirky event space perfectly matched the attitude that is so characteristic of Oregon Walks members, volunteers, and staff.

(The following letter was submitted on behalf of Oregon Walks to the Portland Comprehensive Plan, in response to the Call to Action published by Hack Oregon and the Portland Independent Chamber of Commerce's advocacy for Open Data in the Portland Comprehensive Plan). 


By: Kristin Cary, Oregon Walks Volunteer

Seven years ago today, I was hit by a car as a pedestrian.

There were no crosswalks in sight, but the road looked clear so I proceeded to cross. I remember the moment I noticed the car coming straight towards me. It was dark out and his headlights were off. I told myself to move faster. I remember the sound of my body being hit at forty miles per hour. I remember the collective gasp let out from the people standing at the rail station across the street. I remember reaching the curb and rolling my body onto the side walk. I had almost made it!

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