A bright and sunny morning welcomed the Whitman walkers as we made our way from a nearby parking area to the school. Since many families drop students off, we held our first “Park and Walk,” to be as open as possible to the various ways people get to school. We had people arrive at the parking lot by foot, car, cargo bike, and even scooter!


Sunny weather and flowers set the tone as we held our walk following the school spring plant sale and students picked flowers along the walk route. Even with the sunshine there were many puddles along our route causing us to serpentine our way through the neighborhood.

Rigler Elementary was bustling with activities on Earth Day but parents and students still found time to join us on a community walk. We were delighted to see the school active with soccer games, a garden clean up and other earth day events. However, it was unfortunate to hear the challenges of getting to and from school and how they impact not just parents and students but also those who live in the neighborhood. 

Vision Zero Work Zones Campaign