Thank you for being part of the magic at the Weston Awards on Friday, November 3rd. With your help, we celebrated the passion for walkability; raised over $34,000; caught up with old friends and made new ones; and had a fantastic night full of laughter and love. 


We had a blast playing Red Light/ Green Light, taking silly photos at the Oregon Walks Photo Booth, and raffling off trips to exotic locations. 

Steve Bozzone has been helping steward grassroots transportation advocacy efforts in Oregon for almost 10 years, and has served on the Oregon Walks Board for the past seven years. His commitment to creating safe streets and more just communities is unmatched by many, and we are excited to honor this tenure of work with this year's Weston Legacy Award.


The Brentwood Darlington neighborhood is located in outer SE Portland. Much like East Portland and Cully neighborhoods, it was annexed into the city without the same level of infrastructure - and has been neglected for far too long. The signature of Brentwood Darlington streets are the giant potholes that are often referred to as 'lakes'.

Residents decided that they would take this matter into their own hands.

Vision Zero Work Zones Campaign