Cully Camina Oregon Walkways

Sunday, September 18th 11am-4pm


In partnership with the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, we have been crowdsourcing photos and stories about how closures to the pedestrian and bicycle environment impact the safety and livability of our streets for three months now - using the hashtag #workzoneWTF as well as our mapping website We have had over 165 submissions in less than three months.

Please read the full draft policy here, and consider submitting written testimony to City Council by June 29th, 2016 (full council agenda for the 29th to be posted on Friday, June 24th)! 

After years of maneuvering the bureaucratic processes behind moving this type of policy forward, we are excited to see a draft policy for Safe Accomodation for Pedestrians and Cyclists around Work Zones head to council on June 29th! We will be testifying in support of passing this policy, and also continuing our work to track this issue. It is our job as advocates to continue working even when the paperwork is finished, to ensure that the goals of this policy are realized on our streets.

We need to push for accountability with contractors, developers and public agencies. This includes more funding for inspections, continued vigilance to point out unsafe work zones and where the policy isn't being fulfilled, and pushing every work zone to be more accessible for people with disabilities. 

Vision Zero Work Zones Campaign