Friday morning, a driver hit and injured three women at the PSU Urban Plaza, an intersection of public transit, vehicle and foot traffic. Many others walking and standing nearby feared they may be hit as well, as they watched the vehicle swerve through the transit-only lanes and drive up onto the sidewalk. All three women were taken to hospital and two are said to have sustained life-threatening injuries while the third suffers serious, but not life-threatening injuries. There may have been a fourth person injured at the scene.  

As we followed the story throughout the day, our thoughts were with the victims of this horrific incident and their loved ones. While it was an enormous relief to hear that none of the women had lost their life, we know all too well that many others were not so lucky - nine of the 17 people killed using Portland streets so far this year were walking, a percentage that is nearly five times the national average. Five people were killed in traffic-related fatalities in March alone. Through our work with Oregon & SW Washington Families for Safe Streets, we have seen first hand how these deaths devastate the families impacted by traffic violence on our streets. We will continue to support their critical work and urge you to support them as well.


Join residents, employees, students, parents, visitors and friends of the community along Outer SE Stark St, along with Oregon Walks and The Rosewood Initiative in our efforts to make Stark safe for everyone. 

Sign the petition calling on Portland City Council to permanently lower the spead limit from 35 mph to 30 mph, develop a comprehensive safety corridor along Outer Stark St, and fully fund the safety corridor as designed and agreed upon by PBOT, AND community organizations/members.

This month, we're so excited to have some new faces around the office!

Meet Emily Lehr, our Operations Assistant and Lindsey Knight, our Communications & Membership Support Intern. 

Emily has very recently joined Oregon Walks as the Operations Assistant, and steps into this role after several years as an active volunteer. Emily has an extensive background in both administration and rabble rousing, and has worked in both corporate and activist settings to make change while keeping things very organized. Her prior social justice work has included fights for educational equity and fair housing justice. She has a BS from Portland State in Sociology. In her free time, Emily loves to wander St Johns with her five year old, make and eat elaborate messes in her tiny kitchen, take weird photographs, and stay up way too late reading longform non-fiction.


Lindsey joined Oregon Walks this month as our Communications and Membership Intern. She is supporting our member recruitment and appreciation efforts and planning our annual member event this May. She comes to us from various other Portland nonprofits and is excited to get to know our supporters. Her favorite recent walk was around Reed College, and she enjoys taking walks on the beach in her hometown of Monterey, CA. Lindsey earned her bachelors degree in 2009 from San Jose State University and graduated with a B.S. in Sociology. When she's not working she enjoys sleeping, exploring SE PDX, and going on road trips to visit family in CA.

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