Four years ago, in a warm conference room, I nervously brushed off my knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order and led my first board meeting as Board President of Oregon Walks. I was the youngest person in the room, knew virtually nothing about nonprofit management, and had been convinced to join the organization over a beer in a backyard party hosted by a friend and Oregon Walks board member. We were in for a ride; Oregon Walks was preparing to hire our second Executive Director, experiencing a shift of Board leadership, and the Weston Awards were being held together with bubble gum, scotch tape and those dorky pedestrian pins. 

Now that spring is finally here, the weather is getting nicer and we're getting out from behind our desks and getting outside! Why don't you join us?

We have more ways than ever to be a part of our work, so I hope to see you all out there in the next few months, soaking in the sunshine and spreading the word about Oregon Walks! 

Check out our current volunteer needs and see if there's something right for you!

A warm and sunshine-filled afternoon welcomed parents and students on our Martin Luther King, Jr. School walk. With school dismissed students were eager to get the walk started and help lead us on our route. Students and parents pointed out some concern areas along with some creative solutions, such as repairing the flashing beacon, on NE Alberta St, warning drivers of the 20 mph school zone speed limit.

Vision Zero Work Zones Campaign