by: David Backes

Umbrellas and rainboots came out for our Community Walk at Woodlawn Elementary School in NE Portland last week. Despite the deluge, several Woodlawn community members attended and shared great information about what makes walking to school challenging, and what could make it easier for them and their kids.

Say hello to the new addition to our team! David Backes recently joined Oregon Walks as an Outreach Support Intern and is excited to lend his hands (and feet!) to helping communities become even better for walking. For the next three months David will be supporting our Healthy Travel Options to School work, doing outreach that will result in improved Safe Routes to School. Over the last two weeks, David has been co-leading walks, taking beautiful photos and documenting our walks and the challenges we encounter. 

This week, Oregon Walks delivered a coalition letter to the Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation (JPACT) at Metro. We wanted to let our elected leaders and government know that we are strongly in support of, and will work hard to pass, a robust regional transportation funding plan to ensure our region is a safe, affordable, and livable for all of our diverse residents.

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