Oregon Walks Committees

Oregon Walks Committees are responsible for various day-to-day operations of our organization and consist of volunteers, board members and staff.  We welcome new committee members, please contact Inna Levin,Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator, if you are interested in joining one of the following committees.

You can also fill out our volunteer application and note which committee you are interested in!

Fundraising & Membership Committee

Purpose: Establish sustainable funding to operate and grow Oregon Walks.

Meets: Quarterly


Plans & Projects Committee

Purpose: Ensure pedestrian needs and Oregon Walks are represented on priority committees and in planning and project developments.  Empower high-level volunteers to be informed conduits for walking advocacy and exercise diligence according to the Oregon Walks core mission.  More information and discussion about specific plans and projects are available on our online forum.

Meets: Monthly, 2nd Monday of the month 


Communications Committee

Purpose: Provide guidance and best practices in creating overall communications strategy, ensuring key communications needs are being met and that all communications are consistent with organization’s mission. Assist in developing targeted communications plans to reflect changing policy and community projects. Provide focused feedback on outreach/ communications activities. 

Meets: Quarterly


Legislative Committee

Purpose: Develop legislative agenda, oversee work of contract lobbyist, and work to pass legislative bills in coordination with other stakeholders.

Meets: As needed


Finance Committee

Purpose: Support financial health and sustainability of the organization by reviewing financials, preparing annual budgets and reviewing contract and grant requirements.

Meets: Monthly, 3rd Thursday of the month