Equity & Access

Everybody walks, and everybody, regardless of physical ability, income, education, or race, should be able to get where they need to go safely. Unfortunately, our current infrastructure makes it very hard for some people to get around. People with disabilities face tremendous challenges in getting around in a world designed for cars.

Safer Neighborhoods

Motor vehicle crashes kill or injure thousands of people in the United States every year.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “more children ages 5 to 19 die from crash-related injuries than from any other type of injury.” (link)

Why Walking

Why do we walk? We all walk in our daily life, for one reason or another. We should be able to do that as safely and as conveniently as possible, because walking is good for us in every way. It connects us to the places where we live, it makes us healthier, and it’s cheap. Oregon Walks works to make it easier for all of us to get around. We believe that a place that’s good for walking is a good place to live.

Partner Publications

Oregon Walks looks to its partners as well as its membership to understanding needs and opportunities for fostering thriving neighborhoods in our region. Below are links to a few seminal publications penned by our partners.

Pedestrian Legal Resources

Oregon Pedestrian Law - the complete guide to pedestrian injury claims. 2015. By: Rob Kline of Kline Law Offices PC

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