Walk anywhere, everywhere, for any reason, or for no reason at all. This is Walktober: walking fun October 6th through Halloween (the greatest walking holiday of the year).

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Socializing and Membership

One of the most successful WPC socializing events was an annual meeting held in February 1994 at the Benson Hotel with the WPC Advisory Board, which included Earl Blumenauer, Bill Naito, Mike Houck, and Terry Moore. 'It really helped bring people together," says Dotterrer. "We also got a lot of good advice--for example, that the purpose of the WPC should be to promote pedestrians, not oppose the automobile."

Policy, Advocacy and Expanding the Network

By giving public testimony or participating on committees, WPC members have ensured that a wide variety of projects and regulations would benefit pedestrians. In 1995, WPC lobbied to save the pedestrian program when it was reorganized as part of the Office of Transportation Options.

How It All Started

"We try each time to improve some specific things, such as traffic management," says Steve Dotterrer, chief transportation planner for the City of Portland and former WPC board member.

Economics of Walking

If you’re looking to cut back on your transportation budget, you really can’t get any cheaper than walking. Driving costs often eat up more of a household’s budget than expected. Places that have a variety of convenient transportation options allow residents to save money overall by not driving (link).