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The Weekly Walk-Up: 11/9/2011

This week, our "Feets Tweets" were fewer, as our feet were busy moving in preparation for the first annual Weston Awards, where we recognized people from all walks of life who have made our communities more livable and more walkable.

The view from Guadalajara : Alexis Grant

Alexis Grant is one of our guest blog authors. In her first post, she reflects on the Towards Carfree Cities conference in Guadalajara.

The first thing I did after I settled in at my host's house in Guadalajara, Mexico, for the Towards Carfree Cities conference was go walking.

The Weekly Walk-Up: 10/31/2011

A summary of last week's Feets Tweets...

...but first! Come and celebrate 20 years of boots-on-the-ground advocacy this Saturday, November 5th! Join us at the Mercy Corps space, downtown, for the first ever Weston Awards. Come and see shoes large and small - and the champions who fill them.

The Weekly Walk-Up: 10/25/2011

This past week's news in walking, as heard through our "Feets Tweets." Check back weekly for more news, or follow us on Twitter at @WPCwalks.

The Weekly Walk-Up: 10/17/2011

The second installment in our new Weekly Walk-Up series. Check every Monday for happenings and thoughts from the past week in walking. For real-time updates, follow us on Twitter (@WPCwalks).

Who walks? Portland's future economics of the sidewalk

This guest post is by Michael Andersen of Portland Afoot, PDX's 10-minute newsmagazine about buses, bikes and low-car life. Links are to Portland Afoot's wiki.

The City of Portland is setting up a money transfer.

Over the next 19 years, the city says, the share of Portlanders who walk to work is going to rise 75 percent, from 4 percent of commuters to 7 percent.

The Weekly Walk-Up: 10/10/2011

Fearless Communication Intern Kristin Bott brings you the first installation of Weekly Walk-Ups.

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