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Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Oregon Walks is Protecting Your Right to Roam. Walk with us!

There are many reasons to love Oregon Walks.

Some folks love our nitty-gritty policy work around city planning and pedestrians. So they connect or support our Plans and Projects and advocacy work on the Getting There Together Coalition. Some folks love our commitment to building lasting partnerships that promotes walking (hey AARP Neighborhwalks!) Others love our open streets events, Walkways, that promote place-based community building and a literal taking back of the streets. Then there are people who are deeply concerned about transportation justice and the urgent need to create safer conditions for walking in neighborhoods where a large percentage of pedestrian-only and transit-dependent people live.  These supporters love our emerging transportation justice community building in the East Metro area. And many of us love ALL of the ways Oregon Walks works to protect our right to roam.

The Beginning

What started 28 years ago as a grassroots effort by a dedicated and active group of volunteers to bring pedestrians forward as a constituency has continued to ensure walking is a basic fundamental right that people have the option to exercise safely and easily. Through advocacy efforts, policy change, community building, and pedestrian action, Oregon Walks has kept the needs of pedestrians at the forefront of public discourse and decision-making.


Region-wide planning for the Future

We've been an active partner of the Getting There Together coalition, that is working for transportation solutions that align housing and land use efforts for a just, safe, climate-smart transportation system for the entire region. We look forward to bringing the needs of pedestrians to this critical regionwide advocacy.

We spend time building relationships with place-based community partners. By listening to place-based community members and organizations, we are able to collaborate on building pedestrian engagement opportunities. Our goal is to inspire future pedestrian advocates to continue the fight for pedestrian safety, convenience, and enjoyment.

Walk with Us Campaign -- Help Us Raise $30,000 this Spring

We need your financial support to help us continue our crucial work on behalf of pedestrian safety, convenience and enjoyment in Oregon. There are so many reasons to love Oregon Walks’ work: pedestrian advocacy, pedestrian planning and policy, community building, transportation justice, climate justice and more. Show Oregon Walks some love by supporting our Spring Walk With Us Campaign and Donate Today! Join us as we deepen our work to promote walking and create conditions for walking and rolling that are safe, convenient and attractive for everyone in Oregon. Walk with us!

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Show Oregon Walks Some Love Today!

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