Why I Support- Member Highlight

Incredible individuals support Oregon Walks for many different reasons...

Jasmine Gordovez - Incoming Oregon Walks Board Member

"I support Oregon Walks because walking saved me when I was a new mom. Walking was essential in finding my routine as a first time mom with a newborn baby. I would go on walks with Grace to put her to sleep, go on walks to calm her down when she was inconsolable, and go on walks to take some time out for myself. During the first three months, Grace and I would go on a walk, rain or shine, as a way to get to know each other better and figure each other out. That newborn phase seems like ages ago but Grace and I still make walking a part of our day to day - we use it to get to the park, to the store, and to the but stop that takes us to the library. By walking, we are able to connect with each other and with our neighbors. 

I support Oregon Walks because a zip code should not be a determining factor for whether it is safe for families to walk where they need to go and I believe that staff there are doing the hard and crucial work to make sure that the voices of the most impacted communities are heard in the fight for this basic human right.."

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