Weston Award Winner #1: Better Block PDX


Better Block

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We are very excited this year to be honoring our first group with a Weston Award! Better Block PDX has done some incredible work over the past year to make our streets safer for all users.

Cities around the U.S. are looking for tools to help redevelop communities that enable multi-modal transportation while increasing economic development, and reducing carbon emissions. The “Better Block” project is a demonstration tool that acts as a living charrette so that communities can actively engage in the buildout process and provide feedback in real time, and is happening all around the country.

Better Block PDX's first project was PARKing Day in 2013, turning parking spaces in downtown Portland into community spaces and 'parklets'. The day was phenomenally successful at rethinking street design and use, serving people first.

PARKing Day
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In 2014, Better Block PDX has worked on two projects to bring attention to using our streets more efficiently and better serving all modes - with a specific focus for pedestrians. On SE Clinton & 26th Ave., Better Block redesigned the street to include pop-up plazas and easier pedestrian crossings in a popular business district.

Just this month, Better Block successfully implemented their most ambitious project to date: a three day redesign of SW 3rd Avenue to include a separated cycle track, new pedestrian crossings and huge pedestrian plazas throughout. It is even being considered at City Council as a potential permanent design on 3rd Ave.

3rd Ave
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We are excited to honor the hard work of everyone involved with Better Block PDX at this year's Weston Awards. Congratulations!

JOIN US to celebrate innovation, leadership and the joy of walking on November 22nd. Tickets are available here - grab them fast before they run out!

The 4th Annual Weston Awards
Saturday, November 22nd
Red Rose Ballroom: 1829 NE Alberta St.


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Photos courtesy of Jonathan Maus at BikePortland and Better Block PDX Facebook page