The Weekly Walk-Up : 7/30/2012

The Weekly Walk-Up : 7/30/2012

Speed limits, bike trails, commutes, and other news: a summary of our "Feets Tweets" for the past week. For real-time updates, follow us on Twitter at @WPCWalks or find us on Facebook.

Portland Business Alliance's Sandra McDonough rides her bike to work and reflects "I'm looking forward to the ride home, and many more great days..."

Imagine free, local, low-car news for your pocket. Last week, Portland Afoot celebrated its second birthday and announced a Kickstarter campaign for a free mobile version of its news magazine. 

The proposed bike trail from Portland to Astoria hits a small snag: it's "one of the most valuable spurs in the system" and there may or may not be room for both a bike path and train tracks.

The Portland Bureau for Tranportation takes a cue from Britian, where "20 is plenty," and plans on decreasing speed limits to 20 MPH on some neighborhood greenways - a move that has life-saving implications for pedestrians.

Next week, Atlanta, Georgia will vote on a ballot measure to fund a transportation package, including a streetcar line. The project is both linked to and inspired by Portland's streetcar, and relocated Atlantans who "love" commuting by streetcar here.

And, finally, the Atlantic Cities asks if we can quantify a good walk. Regardless of your metric (popsicle test, 20-minute neighborhood, "pub shed"), the author argues "it is the idea of walk appeal that has power."

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