Weekly Walk-Up 7/23/12


A summary of our "Feets Tweets" for the past week. For real-time updates, follow us on Twitter at @WPCWalks.
The Portland Transport blog has posted a thoughtful critique about ODOT's statewide transportation strategy, penned by Heidi Guenin of Upstream Public Health. Comments were due to ODOT staff last Friday.
After six years, the Sellwood Bridge project design is finally approved. The final design settled upon was the one originally preferred by public stakeholders. WPC's concerns with the last minute change-up is on our blog here. BikePortland has a in-depth log of the final debate.
NPR did a piece about the backlash “War on Cars” movement.
Public Transit guru Jarrett Walker gives a few thoughts to The Atlantic on 'Bus Stigma,' a response to the Atlantic Cities article on "Race, Class, and the Stigma of Riding the Bus in America."
Sunday Parkways was held in Southwest Portland for the first time. Roger Averbeck - WPC Volunteer Extraordinaire and advocate - has a compendium of photos from the day.
In our thoughts
Connor Jordan, a BC resident visiting Salem was struck and killed by last Monday while crossing the street.
On Thursday, a five year-old boy and his 18-month old sister were struck and seriously injured when a person driving fell asleep and jumped the curb.
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