The Weekly Walk-Up : 3/5/2012

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A challenge for anyone interested in curbing the "hunger for sprawl" - fix the suburbs! Some thoughts on re-designing surburbia, from Retrofitting Suburbia author Ellen Dunham-Jones and the enviro-focused folks at Grist.

Funding is both a necessary part of any transportation planning conversation and often a barrier in planninig. The Transportationist asks why does transportation cost so much? and provides four thought-provoking possible explanations. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below this post.

Looking at the intersection of funding and function for roads, The Oregonian's recent article on poor road conditions in the tri-county area received a formal response from both the WPC and the BTA. We continue to ask that people and agencies working on transportation issues consider the region's multi-modal needs. (For more on this, see a letter to the editor from WPC Executive Director Steph Routh.)

"We really believe we can do these things in five years" says Ellen Vanderslice, speaking about work in East Portland focused on equity and access. Read more about East Portland in Motion and how PBOT plans to address a wealth of pedestrian/bike needs in the eastern part of the city.

From another end of the tri-county area, the BTA is looking for your input on planning in Washington County. Help build a better vision for transportation in this region by attending an upcoming open house in Forest Grove, Bethany, Beaverton, or Tigard. 

Given the current House and Senate transportation bills, Streetsblog muses if the message from Congress is "get a car!" (For an introduction to the national transportation bills, see this summary by guest blogger Margaux Mennesson.)

Nevermind the winter drizzle - Sunday Parkways, and sunny skies, are just around the corner. Take a look at this year's plans for five events, including the first-ever Parkways in SW Portland. We'll see you on the streets!

While PBOT is planning for Parkways, Where the Sidewalk Starts considers streets as public space, and asks whether or not they are for children.

And, finally, a huzzah! to walking advocate Mark McClure, who won this year's Steve Rogers award from the Lloyd TMA. McClure has been described as a "tireless advocate for walking, both as a way to get to work and as a lifestyle." Thank you for all you do, Mark.

In our thoughts

On the morning of Friday, March 2nd, 82-year-old Grace Harriet Reitenbaugh was struck by a car while crossing Highway 224 at SE 82nd Drive. Reitenbaugh was walking in the crosswalk when hit; she was taken to OHSU with serious injuries. She was last reported to be in critical condition. The driver of the car was not injured; if you witnessed the crash, please contact the Oregon State Police.

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