Thirteenth Person to Die While Walking In East Portland


In the past 24 hours, two lives have been lost using our streets. Both crashes occurred in East Portland and both individuals were walking, this combination is all too common for folks who call East Portland home.

Last night Victoria Lynn Pettibone was the 13th person killed while walking this year in Portland. Out of those 13 deadly crashes, 9 of them occurred in East Portland. Our hearts go out to Victoria and her family and to all those who have suffered a loss this year on our streets. Through our work with Oregon & SW Washington Families for Safe Streets, we have seen first-hand how these deaths devastate the victims’ families, how their loved ones are impacted, and how a community is torn apart by traffic violence on our streets and it is unacceptable.

Oregon Walks and The Rosewood Initiative believe that every person has the right to access their community by walking and rolling– and shouldn't have to risk their lives to do it. That’s why Oregon Walks and The Rosewood Initiative have been working together to make East Portland streets safer.

Together, we support fast action in making our roads safer AND ensuring the perspectives of people living in neighborhoods most affected by these dangerous conditions guide safety infrastructure investments. As we continue to see these deaths on Portland streets, time is a luxury we do not have. We need strong, community-minded leadership now to ensure Portlanders in ALL neighborhoods are safe when using streets daily to walk to and from school, the grocery store and visiting loved ones.

With even the most basic infrastructure still lacking the City of Portland must invest resources to address lingering safety needs of East Portland. We demand that the Portland City Council and Portland Bureau of Transportation re-examine existing budget plans and increase investments in East Portland to address the disproportionate number of deaths and serious injuries its residents are experiencing.

Please join Oregon Walks and the Street Trust this Sunday to support Families For Safe Streets at their annual observance of World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. We urge you to then come out to East Portland on Monday to join Oregon Walks and The Rosewood Initiative at Vigil for East PDX Pedestrian Fatalities, organized by a group of students from PSU’s Graduate School of Social Work to honor those who have lost their lives while walking east of 82nd Ave, where more than half of this year’s pedestrian fatalities occurred.