Thanks for a great Oregon Walkways: Lents Founders Fair!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Lents Neighborhood on Sunday, August 6th for being part of another fantastic Oregon Walkways, our open streets event series for all who walk and roll.

One week ago over 2,500 people came out to Lents and helped make our dream of a pedestrian-focused open streets event a reality. On Sunday, August 6th, Lents residents and visitors from across the city, and even the state enjoyed 1.5 miles of streets closed to cars and opened up for people to explore, play, and walk.

This was the second year for us organizing Oregon Walkways, and we couldn't have asked for a better event. But we couldn't have done it alone! We had two hardworking community partners in Green Lents and Lents Neighborhood Association, plus support from Metro, the City of PortlandBetter Block PDXCity RepairPortland State University,  Portland Farmers Market, and ROSE CDC.Altogether, we had 53 volunteers, 3 interns, 6 music acts, 5 different activities, over 80 vendors, and one chicken beauty contests that added up to a memorable day! 

A Lents Fair wouldn't be complete without the Chicken Beauty Contest, now in its third year. These chickens were indeed lovely, but there could only be one winner... Cordon Bleu!!! The beautiful blue, white crested, Bantam Polish hen! Second place was Orchid, the baby black silkie, and third was Snowy, the tie-dyed white Ameraucana.



In addition to the soon-to-be-famous Portland Parkways Putt Putt, we had a Paradise Bouncy House which was generously sponsored by Rose CDC, Futsal for the kids at heart, skateboard trial runs from Rustek Collective, bike repairs with TriTech Bikes, and test rides with BIKETOWN PDX.  And of course, the Belmont Goats came by the route to say hi. Plus, there was major activity going on at the 205 Overpass Bridge, with chalk paint, litter pickup, games, and even a Bridge Dream Board.

With over 80 vendors, there was something for everyone, whether it was new treasures from one of the many jewelry and clothing vendors or a hug from Gary the Oak, Friends of Trees most recognizable team member. Green Lents partnered with PSU to gather neighborhood thoughts on walking and biking in Lents and inform people about the Green Ring, a multi-use pathway that would connect the east and west sides of the neighborhood by improving biking and walking conditions. 

Walkways Bingo Winner! 

Congratulations to Bingo winner, Jill Gardner
Jill not only had her bingo card drawn, she also filled in every square!
Great job, Jill! 
Jill wins a gift basket full of goodies from
Academy Theater, Sandino Coffee, and Olivier's Cafe. 

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photo credits: Emily Lehr, Greg Raisaman, Ryan Hashegan, Jimmy Rodasta