Sunshine and sunglasses: Martin Luther King, Jr. recap

A warm and sunshine-filled afternoon welcomed parents and students on our Martin Luther King, Jr. School walk. With school dismissed students were eager to get the walk started and help lead us on our route. Students and parents pointed out some concern areas along with some creative solutions, such as repairing the flashing beacon, on NE Alberta St, warning drivers of the 20 mph school zone speed limit.

With the walk passing many high traffic intersections the concern of cars making left turns and lack of visibility became a common theme. One student even recommends having crossing guards at some of the intersections could make crossing safer and easier. The list below details concerns and opportunities described by MLK Jr. School parents and staff.

Community Challenges

  • Non-working flashing warning light that alerts drivers of 20mph school zone speed limit at NE Grand Ave/NE Alberta St
  • Cars turning from NE Alberta St onto NE MLK  Blvd frequently cut off pedestrians 
  • Cars frequently block the crosswalk at the intersection of NE Alberta St/NE MLK Blvd causing people to walk into the roadway
  • Cars don’t always stop for pedestrians trying to cross in the “zebra” crossing at the intersection of NE 6th Ave and NE Alberta St
  • Cars turning onto NE 7th ave from NE Alberta St don’t always stop and look for people in the crosswalk
  • Lack of marked and safe crosswalks along NE Alberta St
  • Lack of visibility around corners with cars parked too close to the end of the street- specifically on NE MLK Blvd/NE Wygant St
  • Missing ADA curb ramps on the sidewalks along some sections of NE 7th Ave
  • Difficult pedestrian crossing at NE Going St/NE MLK- cars 
  • Short traffic signal at the intersection of NE Alberta St/NE MLK Blvd causes cars trying to turn to be more aggressive
  • Concerns about safety during certain hours at King School Park
  • Difficult crossing at the intersection of NE 9th Ave/NE Killingsworth St

Community Ideas for Solutions

  • Crossing guards at the crosswalks of NE Alberta St/NE 6th Ave and NE Alberta St/NE 7th Ave
  • Speed bumps on NE 7th Ave along the school 
  • Fix the timing of the signal at NE Alberta St/NE MLK Blvd 
  • Fix the flashing beacon at the intersection of NE Grand Ave/NE Alberta St 
  • Flashing crosswalk beacon at NE Going St/NE MLK Blvd

Do you live, work, or spend time in this area? Is there anything you would add? Please leave a comment below or email us and let us know!

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