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Walking Poles, What's the Difference?

Hiking poles and Nordic Walking poles both increase the base of support, which makes people more stable and balanced, it's like having four legs instead of two. 

Walking Poles

In Finland, they took this useful concept and turned it into a sport called Nordic Walking. The handgrips engage the triceps applying far more pressure through the strap onto the pole than by squeezing with the hand. This loose grip allows for the same fluid arm movement like in the propulsion of cross-country skiing and the poles are kept behind the body. Using the Nordic poles allows the walker to increase stride and harness the power of the upper body. This simple action engages 90% of the muscles, which delivers a slew of benefits:
  • Increase calorie burn
  • Blood flow to the engaged muscles increases cardio and oxygen
  • Decreased pressure on joints
  • Naturally improves body alignment
  • Balance Walking with Nordic poles decreases the perceived rate of exertion

Hiking Poles (trekking poles)
  • The poles are designed to be placed on the ground in front of you
  • Used to assist climbing up slopes and bracing on descent
  • The rubber foot or spike is not designed for use on smooth surfaces like pavement

The Balance Walking Company has adjustable poles that can be used for NordicWalking or hiking. They come with black paws for walking on pavement, and these paws are removable to expose the pointed tip used for hiking.

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