Sony sees pedestrians

There's been a lot attention given to the recent news that young people are driving less and car companies are calling on MTV to help them connect with "kids these days."

Some would have you believe these stories are over-hyped but there's another example from an industry totally unrelated to transportation that shows exactly what younger people want.

Sony has, for a while now, been running a series of ads targeted directly to people who walk to work.

The TV spots (also featured online) promote Sony's Playstation Vita, a handheld gaming device with 3G and WiFi which can connect with other compatible devices.

They feature a young guy in a hoodie playing video games on his Vita as he walks to work. Here's one of the ads if you haven't caught them already:

Just think about this for a second: Sony is marketing a video game device to people who walk. For as long as video games have been around they've been synonymous with dark basements and couch potatoes.

Even though Sony is selling something completely unrelated to walking or transportation they are putting considerable effort trying to associate themselves with an active, urban commute.

The fact that marketing firms are pitching this image says something very powerful about what they think young people want their lives to be like.

They realize young people want to walk more.