Pushing for a robust regional funding campaign

This week, Oregon Walks delivered a coalition letter to the Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation (JPACT) at Metro. We wanted to let our elected leaders and government know that we are strongly in support of, and will work hard to pass, a robust regional transportation funding plan to ensure our region is a safe, affordable, and livable for all of our diverse residents. We know that more funding is needed to end fatalities, improve livability, and ensure access. We are excited to be partnering with leaders across the region to call for an inclusive process, that will have direct benefits to communities that we serve.

"We strongly believe in—and will fight for—a robust regional bond measure and funding package that will benefit all residents and will be supported by the region’s voters. We encourage our elected and appointed officials to fund robust, meaningful, collaborative planning processes with regional transportation, housing, economic development, and community advocates to prepare for needed high capacity transit improvements and active transportation access across the region. "

Thank you to our partners in this work, and we look forward to grow this movement for new funding in the region to support our transportation and housing infrastructure in new, and innovative ways!

Read our full letter here.