Puddles and Timbers at the Scott Elementary Community Walk

Oregon Walks hosted our biggest Healthy Travel Options to School Community Walk, so far, at Scott Elementary on Wednesday, April 19. The walk had a huge turnout from parents, students, and school staff. We were also joined on the walk by Andando en Bicicletas en Cully, City Commissioner Dan Saltzman, Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) Director Leah Treat and staff from the Safe Routes to School team, Community Cycling Center, and Portland Timbers goalkeeper Jake Gleeson and Timber Joey in an effort to better understand how students get to and from school and challenges they face.

While avoiding puddles, big and small, parents and students shared their concerns about walking to school, and ideas for ways to making it safer and easier. The special guests in attendance were all ears as we walked from Scott Elementary along NE 66th Ave to the Hacienda CDC office near NE Cully Blvd & Killingsworth St. 

During and after the walks several themes emerged such as many unimproved roadways, lack of sidewalks, and lack of street lighting on frequently used walking routes. Some of the popular routes parents and students take are NE 66th Ave, NE 72nd Ave, and NE Mason St.

Community Challenges

  • Lack of sidewalks on NE 66th Ave force students and parents to walk on an unimproved roadway
  • Lack of paved road on NE 66th ave creates large puddles (some 4 ft across) which make it difficult to walk and push strollers along the street
  • Biking on NE 66th feels safer than other routes but is still bad because of unimproved roadway
  • Bikes get stuck in potholes on nearby unimproved roadways
  • NE Mason St, located a few blocks south of the school, is a narrow road with no sidewalks and has potholes that become puddles
  • Lack of street lights on NE 66th Ave and NE 72nd Ave
  • NE 72nd Ave, north of Prescott, lacks sidewalks
  • Cars park on the shoulder of NE 72nd Ave forcing parents and students to walk into the street
  • Lack of stop signs on NE 66th Ave for cross streets

Community Ideas for Solutions

  • Adding lights to NE 72nd ave,  NE 66th Ave, and NE Mason St
  • Adding sidewalks to some of the major routes taken to and from school
  • Increased signage near and around the school
  • Paving streets in a way that puts pedestrians first

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