Pedestrian Safety Basics in East Portland

Oregon Walks has recently partnered with People, Places, Things to work together on connecting with non-native English speakers in East Portland to learn about pedestrian safety and rights. People Places Things works to provide intercultural communication services to help build bridges in our communities. Through their already ongoing ESOL classes, we are able to directly connect with the communities that are most at risk in a part of the city that has a higher number of high crash corridors and intersections. Partnering with a group already active within communities that are at higher risk allows us to directly work with and empower individuals. 

With East Portland home to many of Portland's immigrant and refugee communities, it is also home to twice as many pedestrian fatalities. This concentrated risk is a serious environmental justice issue that needs to be addressed and hopefully, with the city's Vision Zero plan that aims to have zero traffic-related fatalities by 2025, it will be. But it is also vital that action occurs now as well. It's important that we continue to connect with those communities directly and work on providing them the tools and resources to stay safe.

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