Oregon Walks Legislative Agenda

The 2017 Oregon Legislative Session is in full swing! Oregon Walks has prioritized the following five issue areas when it comes to legislative priorities. We are actively tracking bills related to each of these priorities, and are engaging with legislators and partners to ensure their success. 

Vision Zero - working toward the goal of zero deaths on our roads. We know that speed and dangerously designed roads are some of the leading causes of fatalities for pedestrians. In addition, those most vulnerable to injury or death while walking in Oregon are older adults, communities of color, and people living in low income neighborhoods. We want to push for the funding, leadership, and technical legal changes necessary to allow local jurisdictions and the state to meet this goal.

Closing Legal Loopholes - We know that there are simple fixes in our legal system that allow us to better provide a safe and just transportation system, and protect people who have been impacted by traffic violence.

Accountability and Transparency - We believe that clear and accountable decisionmaking is critical to a transportation system that serves everyone equitably and fairly. We support efforts to ensure accountability and transparency at all levels of government that impact our transportation system.

Inclusive and Walkable Communities - It is becoming increasingly difficult for people of varying income and ethnic backgrounds to live in a walkable community. We support efforts to make neighborhoods more affordable, curb displacement, and ensure that every family has safe spaces to walk in the place they call home.

Transportation Funding - It is clear that more revenue is necessary to make the critical investments necessary for the safety and livability of all Oregon communities. We support the funding for improved and enhanced transit operations, dedicated funding for biking and walking, and Safe Routes to School infrastructure & programming.