Meet Fiona Yau-Luu, Oregon Walks Board President

We are excited to introduce our new Board President, Fiona Yau-Luu! Fiona has been serving on the Board since 2015, and Vice-President since 2016. 

She is currently the Policy & Advocacy Coordinator for the Oregon Community Health Workers Association (ORCHWA). She has previously served as a Political Organizer with SEIU, and has a background in electoral politics and community organizing. She is also a community member representative on Metro's Public Engagement Review Committee. 

Fiona has worked on several progressive campaigns, including Barack Obama's reelection. She also helped to enroll thousands union members and the general public through the Affordable Care Act, and nationally coordinated the civic engagement holiday, National Voter Registration Day. In her spare time, Fiona volunteers with APANO and the Pride Foundation. ‚Äč

Why do you think walking is a critical component of communities?

I think walking is a critical component of communities for transportation but also for social cohesion that builds resiliency. 

Where is your favorite place to walk?

Minto-Brown Island Park in Salem.

What are you most excited to work on with Oregon Walks as President?

I am most excited to support Noel and our staff! Also to lead Oregon Walks in fulfilling its strategic vision with our Board of Directors, as well as ensuring we are living our values and mission. 

Why should I (or someone) support Oregon Walks?

You should support Oregon Walks because everyone should feel safe walking in their communities.