Flowers and lakes: Woodmere Recap


Sunny weather and flowers set the tone as we held our walk following the school spring plant sale and students picked flowers along the walk route. Even with the sunshine there were many puddles along our route causing us to serpentine our way through the neighborhood.

(For more background on the Community Walks as part of the Healthy Travel Options to School Plan, see our blog post about Rosa Parks Elementary or visit our programs page here.)


We were surprised to see huge puddles, sometimes referred to as “lakes” by parents and students, almost as wide as some of roads they are on. Many of the lakes can be found on the roads that lead directly to the school, making it difficult for parents and students to decide between safety and access.

Parents expressed the need to be able to safely walk and bike the neighborhood in order to connect and know their neighbors in addition to getting to and from school. 

Community Challenges

  • Lack of sidewalks and steep drop off from paved road to the unimproved shoulder on SE 78th Ave
  • SE 78th becomes very narrow during school drop off and pick up as cars park on the shoulder forcing students to walk on the road
  • No sidewalks on SE Ogden St which is used as a main thoroughfare
  • Intersection of SE 72nd Ave and SE Ogden St has no crosswalk and lacks lighting creating a bad line of sight drivers and pedestrians attempting to cross
  • Insufficient lighting at the intersection of SE 72nd Ave and SE Duke St
  • Bike lane on SE Duke St isn’t viewed as safe because of the speeding cars
  • Sections of unimproved sidewalks on SE Duke St become large puddles forcing pedestrians to walk in the bike path
  • No crosswalk on SE 82nd Ave between SE Duke St and SE Flavel
  • Poor travel options for children biking and walking. Large streets with no sidewalks or small streets that are unpaved with large potholes

Community Ideas for Solutions

  • Paved but permeable roads would help address large puddles on many streets
  • Sidewalk infill on SE Duke St
  • A marked crosswalk and lighting at the intersection of SE 72nd Ave and SE Ogden St
  • Adding traffic calming and greening on SE Ogden St
  • Having a bike lane on  SE 72nd ave would increase travel route options


Do you live, work, or spend time in this area? Is there anything you would add? Please leave a comment below or email us and let us know!

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