An Earth Day Community Walk: Rigler Recap

Rigler Elementary was bustling with activities on Earth Day but parents and students still found time to join us on a community walk. We were delighted to see the school active with soccer games, a garden clean up and other earth day events. However, it was unfortunate to hear the challenges of getting to and from school and how they impact not just parents and students but also those who live in the neighborhood. 

(For more background on the Community Walks as part of the Healthy Travel Options to School Plan, see our blog post about Rosa Parks Elementary or visit our programs page here.)

As we walked a common route, that parents and students use, on NE 52nd Ave we immediately faced the issue of cars parking on the road shoulder that forces pedestrians to walk on the road. Fortunately, our walk had volunteers that we able to warn cars of our presence in the road with traffic flags, normally this is not the case for parents and students. However, our group was full of ideas and solutions that could address this barrier and others we faced on our community walk. 

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Community Challenges

  • No traffic signal between NE 42nd Ave and NE 60th Ave on NE Killingsworth St. allows cars to speed excessively 
  • Incomplete sidewalk connectivity on North side of NE Killingsworth St.
  • Inadequate sidewalk infrastructure on South side of NE Killingsworth St. forces people to walk into bike path
  • Cars park on shoulder/walk paths on NE 52nd ave alongside school forcing people to walk on the road
  • Lack of sidewalk ramps, makes it difficult for strollers and wheelchairs, at intersection NE 52nd Ave & NE Prescott St.
  • NE Alberta St has a lot of car traffic even though it is a neighborhood greenway
  • NE 52nd Ave, alongside the school, is a major North/South route and has a lot of speeding cars during rush hours
  • Campers/RVs unload and block sections of the walk path/sidewalks on NE Killingsworth St.
  • NE 52nd Ave is an issue for parents pushing strollers as they have to walk on the street when cars block the road shoulder

Community Ideas for Solutions

  • Yellow flashing beacon on NE Prescott St. to alert drivers during school hours to slow down
  • Large landscape boulders on NE 52nd Ave alongside school could help define where cars park and pedestrians can walk
  • Road sign informing drivers about pedestrians walking in the roadway on NE 52nd Ave
  • Adding a flashing signal to the current crossing on NE 52nd Ave and NE Killingsworth St.
  • A crosswalk might be better used at the intersection of NE Prescott St. & NE 52nd Ave
  • Turing NE Wygant St. into a one-way road with speed bumps

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