Developer Mark Edlen embraces great pedestrian design, wins Weston

In anticipation of the second annual Weston Awards on November 10, we'll be introducing this year's four illustrious award winners on the blog over the next week. Get to know them here, but better yet, come to the Westons and meet them in person—and be the first to find out our shiny new name. Get your Weston tickets now!

Mark Edlen is internationally recognized for his expertise and success in creating sustainable communities in mixed-use commercial, residential, educational, and retail developments. A CEO of Gerding Edlen, Mark leads a company that is grounded in a socially responsible approach to real estate investment, with the belief that the path to preserving natural resources leads directly to a new urban reality; where transformative buildings and vibrant communities deliver investment quality assets to foster prosperity. In his words, cities are the solution for a growing population.

Since 1996, when Mark Edlen co-founded the firm with Bob Gerding, who passed away in 2009, the firm has developed more than 60 green projects totaling nearly $5 Billion in real estate value throughout the Western United States. With more LEED certified buildings than any other private developer in the world and the originator of the 20-minute living concept, Gerding Edlen is guided by an approach—a set of criteria they have developed called Principles of Place—where community plays a pivotal role alongside design and technology in the success of their projects.

Committed to developing buildings that attain net-zero energy use within the next three years—Mark Edlen embraces this fundamental philosophy of community that integrates neighborhoods, educational institutions and builds strong business, government and community partnerships.

Mark has not been afraid to talk about the value that good pedestrian design gives to an urban district. We need more developers like Mark Edlen, who get that great urban design includes neighborhoods that encourage walking, and are willing to speak up.

Mr. Edlen received his B.S. in Finance and an M.B.A. from the University of Oregon.

The future is afoot!