Crosswalk Education Actions this Month


Join the WPC in helping educate all road users about crosswalk law by volunteering for upcoming education actions. The WPC is working with the Portland Bureau of Transportation's Community Schools Traffic Safety Partnership to increase community awareness of Oregon crosswalk laws and pedestrian safety through specific actions and community conversations.

Here are next week's exciting crosswalk actions, for information. We still have a few volunteer spots open for August 14th, 15th, and 21st. Sign up to volunteer!


Upcoming Actions

Tuesday, August 7

122nd & NE Oregon
Why this intersectionMenlo Park Healthcare residents (assisted living for people with disabilities) use the crosswalk to access a store across the street.  The Bureau of Transportation received a call 6 months ago because one of the residents had been hit while in the crosswalk. 122nd functions as a high crash corridor.
Wednesday, August 8
Burnside & SW 8th
Why this intersection: This stretch of Burnside has a high incidence of crashes involving pedestrians, for a number of reasons. While we were originally planning on SW 2nd, the signalized intersection there would make an education action tougher than this one at 8th.
What we'll be doing:
  • I will be walking back and forth, back and forth (legally) in a crosswalk that may be marked or unmarked.
  • A volunteer on each side of the street will watch to see if people driving stop and stay stopped when given a generous stopping distance (which will be marked with green cones). 
  • If they stop legally, the second volunteer on each side of the road will flash a "way to stop for people!" sign. If they don't that volunteer will flash the other side, a "please stop for people!".


We will have more crosswalks planned in the near future for the following week's action. In the interim, if you would like to volunteer for an upcoming action, please fill out this:

Crosswalk Volunteer Form