Community Walks Recap: Sitton Elementary

In non-typical Portland fashion, the rain was a no-show for our Community Walk at the Sitton Elementary School. Parents, students, and teachers joined us for a stroll through the neighborhood and shared the challenges they face getting to and from school, and what would make it easier for them and their kids.

(For more background on the Community Walks as part of the Healthy Travel Options to School Plan, see our blog post about Rosa Parks Elementary or visit our programs page here.)

As the map shows Sitton Elementary is a short walk from Pier Park, which plays a major role for many students and parents who walk to and from school. One issue is the lack of lighting throughout the park, only small stretches have lighting, which can be an issue during the long Portland winter months.


Community Challenges

  • Lack of lighting throughout Pier Park which is an issue in morning and later evenings
  • Intersection of N James Street & N Reno Avenue is an intersection of concern as it is a T-intersection with no stop sign. Plus, N James Street is a long stretch parallel to the park where cars have a tendency to speed
  • Many stretches of the west side of N Lombard Street currently have no sidewalks forcing parents and children to cross a difficult street
  • N Fessenden Street, Columbia Boulevard, and Lombard Street have many difficult intersections to cross
  • N Smith Street is a small residential street and has an issue with speeding cars
  • Intersection of N Smith Street and N St. Louis Avenue lacks a crosswalk sign, center island, rapid flash beacon or any other sort of crossing infrastructure

Community Ideas for Solutions

  • A pedestrian beacon along N Willamette Boulevard
  • Adding traffic calming, either speed humps or flashing red beacon, at the intersection of N James Street near N Reno Street
  • Extending lighting throughout Pier Park for safer walking for students and neighbors
  • Median islands on N Fessenden Street at St. Louis Avenue
  • Rapid flashing beacons on Columbia & Midway would make crossing safer
  • Addressing unsafe behavior in park by having volunteers to check behavior

Do you live, work, or spend time in this area? Is there anything you would add? Please leave a comment below or email us and let us know! 

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