Community Walks Recap: Cesar Chavez Elementary


With our biggest turnout of students, so far,  Cesar Chavez Elementary Community Walk was an incredibly fun success. School staff was able to join and lead us on a typical walking route students use to get home. They were also able to share with us some of the issues the students and parents face when walking to and from school, the most urgent being the need to improve the crossing at N Fessenden St and the Peninsula Crossing Trail. Other issues including the need to restripe the crosswalks located in front of the school. Read below for more from our walk recap. 

(For more background on the Community Walks as part of the Healthy Travel Options to School Plan, see our blog post about Rosa Parks Elementary or visit our programs page here.)

Community Challenges

  • Crossing at N Fessenden St/ Peninsula Crossing trail is difficult to cross due to speeding cars
  • Crosswalk across N Fessenden St/ N Wall Ave is difficult to cross due to speeding cars
  • Cars do not stop and drive around the school bus when stopped of N Fessenden St/ N Wall Ave 
  • Fading crosswalk in front of school on N Willis St, cars tend to stop because of less visibility 
  • Drivers perform u-turns in bus only zone in front of school
  • Concern for students who stay for after-school programs walk home on their own
  • Cars driving on N Macrum Ave don’t stop to turn onto N Fessenden St because there is no stop sign 
  • Cars traveling East on N Fessenden St will travel around staff as they try to help the kids cross

Community Ideas for change

  • Repaint crosswalk in front of school on N Willis St
  • Crosswalk sign is needed on N Fessenden St 

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