Meeting with an Elected Official

Find out who your legislator is:

If you have a strong story worth sharing, maybe it's best to meet in person! Remember, keep your message succinct.

Requesting a Meeting
Arrange a meeting in advance with the appointment secretary/scheduler.

Provide the names of attendees and the topic.

Make sure they know that you are a constituent.


Preparing for the Meeting

Decide on talking points ahead of time. If a small group of people are meeting with the official, do not discuss points that cause tension.

Decide what you want to achieve. What is it that you want your elected official to do?

Be courteous: arrive on time, dress professionally, and come informed on the issue.


During the Meeting

Be prompt and patient.  

Be sure to show up on time but know that elected officials have very busy schedules.

Start the meeting off by thanking them for something (a recent vote, their leadserhip on an issue, or their time for meeting with you).

During the meeting, stay on topic and make sure to clearly state why walkable communities matter to you.

Provide a fact sheet on the issue and your contact information. Back them up with no more than five pages of materials that you can leave with your elected official.

Answer questions as well as you can and offer to get back to them when you don’t have an answer.

Request a specific action from your legislator—ask for their position!


After the meeting

Thank them for meeting with you. Each person who took part in the meeting should promptly send a personal thank you letter to the elected official.

Follow up in a timely fashion with any requested materials and information.