Calling an Elected Official

Find out who your legislator is:

Here are a few helpful tips to consider when calling your elected official.

Identify yourself as a constituent and give your name and address.

Define the issue with a specific bill number and name.

Acknowledge the legislator (or staff person) by asking about their position and requesting their vote in your favor.

Show respect by listening to them and thanking them.

Using the Legislative Information and Citizen Access Line, you may leave a voice mail message for one or more legislators or speak to an operator about other requests (like your legislator’s direct number, information concerning a bill’s status, etc.):
(800) 332-2313: In-state calls during legislative session only
(503) 986-1187: Calls from Salem or from out-of-state
(503) 986-1467: TDD access both in and out of the state